Visualising Sydney's Covid-19 Lockdowns


Raphael Canty

After creating a Covid-19 timeline for London, we're expanding the idea to the other cities of this project. Created using d3.js, this interactive visualisation displays Sydney's daily new cases and deaths over time, against the approximate level of lockdown restrictions and events detailing the changing situation.

Hover over the line chart to see exact numbers of cases. The hollow dots represent events, such as important decisions and milestones in Sydney and Australia's coronavirus response. Click on them to see more.

Click on an event above to view information

Sydney's lockdown is more complex than London's: rather than a few strong and well-defined lockdowns, it experienced a smaller first wave and smaller subsequent outbreaks which were dealt with locally rather than requiring full lockdowns. Australia's response prevented the scale of deaths seen in the UK, with numbers so small that a line was not appropriate to visualise them. It is also important to note that restrictions are set by state governments in Australia: Victoria for example, experienced a second wave of infections which necessitated a severe lockdown unseen in New South Wales or any other state.

Sydney's COVID-19 cases data are from NSW Health. Lockdown level is an indication only, determined by the author based on the lockdown restrictions in Sydney. Events were collated from multiple sources, including Wikipedia and NSW Government Media Releases. Examples from d3noob were helpful for creating the visualisation.