Visualising London's Covid-19 Lockdowns


Raphael Canty

Visualising lockdown events alongside daily new cases of Covid-19 reveals the cause and effect of London's public health response. This interactive visualisation was created using d3.js, displaying London's daily new cases and deaths over time against the approximate level of lockdown restrictions.

Hover over the line chart to see exact numbers of cases and deaths. Click on the dots at the bottom to highlight events and see their details below. Events include milestones of London's and the UK's response to coronavirus, especially in terms of transport.

Click on an event above to view information

London COVID-19 cases and deaths data from the UK Government's API at Lockdown level is an indication only, determined by the author based on the lockdown restrictions in London and should not to be confused with the UK Government's COVID-19 alert level system. Events were collated from multiple sources, including Wikipedia and TfL Press releases. Examples from d3noob were helpful for creating the visualisation.

A previous version of this visualisation concept is available as a pair of static images below. They use as a backing column chart.

London lockdown timeline part 1 London lockdown timeline part 2