Visualising Hong Kong's Covid-19 Lockdowns


Emily Wu

Following the Covid-19 timelines for London, Sydney, and New York, we expanded the data visualisation to Hong Kong. Created using d3.js, this interactive visualisation shows Hong Kong's daily new cases and deaths over time, against the approximate level of lockdown restrictions and events detailing the changing situation.

Hover over the line chart to see exact numbers of cases. The hollow dots represent events, such as important decisions and milestones in Hong Kong's coronavirus response. Click on them to see more.

Click on an event above to view information

Hong Kong's approach, much like New York's, was fairly difficult to quantify into levels. Hong Kong implemented a range of policies and restrictions throughout late January 2020 - the present which involved closing borders, limiting public gatherings up to a given number of people, getting civil servants to work from home, and many other policies. From late January 2021 Hong Kong began to implement sudden lockdowns that targeted smaller areas to conduct mandatory testing. These were localised and short lived lockdowns but of the highest intensity.

Similarly to Australia, Hong Kong's response prevented the scale of deaths seen in the UK, meaning a line was not appropriate to visualise the scale of deaths.

The Hong Kong COVID-19 case data was from the COVID-19 Data Repository by the Center for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE) at Johns Hopkins University.

Lockdown level is an indication only, determined by the author based on the lockdown restrictions in Hong Kong. Events were collated from multiple sources, including Wikipedia and Hong Kong's Press Release site. Examples from d3noob were helpful for creating the visualisation.